Hidden World of Tree Service Insurance: 10 Surprising Secrets

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10 Surprising Secrets About Tree Service Insurance

Roots of Coverage: Did you know that Tree Service Insurance can actually cover damage caused by tree roots? It's not just about falling branches

Arborist Expertise: Many policies offer lower rates to tree service companies with certified arborists on staff. Certification pays off

Acts of Nature: Some policies extend coverage to include damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes and lightning strikes. Mother Nature, meet your match

Tree Preservation: Certain insurers promote tree preservation by offering coverage for professional pruning and tree care. They want to protect your greens.

Tree Appraisal: In case of a loss, insurers may provide coverage for the appraisal of a tree's value. Your beloved trees are not just logs to them.

Stump Removal Surprise: Stump removal can be included in coverage. No more worries about unsightly tree stumps in your yard!

Neighborly Disputes: Tree-related neighbor disputes? Some policies cover mediation costs to help you keep the peace.

Wooden Structures: Tree Service Insurance doesn't just cover trees. It can also extend to structures made from wood, like decks and fences.

Rental Equipment: If you rent equipment for your tree service business, you can often get it insured as well. Protect your tools of the trade.

Tree Health Assessment: Regular tree health assessments may be rewarded with lower premiums. Healthy trees, healthy savings!

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