Top Cruise Insurance Plans - July 2023

Top Cruise Insurance Plans – July 2023


Cruises offer a wonderful opportunity to explore exotic destinations, enjoy luxurious amenities, and create unforgettable memories. However,Cruise Insurance Plans. unforeseen circumstances such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost baggage can disrupt even the best-planned cruises. That’s where cruise insurance comes in, providing essential coverage and peace of mind during your maritime adventures.

In this article, we will delve into the world of cruise insurance, specifically focusing on the top cruise insurance plans for July 2023. These plans have been carefully selected based on their comprehensive coverage, affordability, and positive customer experiences. By considering the top cruise insurance plans available, you can ensure that you are adequately protected against the unexpected and enjoy your cruise with confidence.

A good travel policy can give you peace of mind when booking a cruise. An comprehensive travel insurance policy can protect you against unexpected expenses such as trip cancellations, medical bills, and travel delays.

We only considered plans with coverage for Covid and missed connections when evaluating the best cruise insurance.

What is Cruise Insurance?

Any travel insurance policy that offers the features and coverage you desire can be called cruise insurance. The name of the policy does not need to include “cruise”. Missed connection insurance is important for cruises, because the costs of getting caught up can be high.

What Does Cruise Insurance Cover?

If the expenses are caused by an event listed in the policy, or if they’re not excluded from the policy:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip delay
  • Trip disruption
  • You missed a connection
  • Baggage and Personal Items that are lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed

You may be compensated by a cruise insurance policy if you are stranded on a cruise ship without food, water or power for the time specified in your policy. WaveCare, a plan offered by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, offers a $500 flat reimbursement for cruise disablement, if the vessel is disabled for a period of five hours without power, food or water.

Cruise insurance usually includes a 24-hour emergency hotline. If you purchase coverage in a specific time frame, typically within 14-21 days after your trip deposit, then you can get a waiver of pre-existing conditions. Medical expenses related to existing conditions will be covered during the trip.

Do I Need Cruise Insurance?

If you cannot afford to lose money if your trip is cancelled, you should consider cruise insurance.

The cruise insurance covers medical expenses, evacuations, delays and lost luggage.

What and when to buy cruise insurance

Cruise insurance can be purchased from the cruise line itself, a travel agency or a company that offers travel insurance.

While you can buy a travel policy up until your departure date, buying it after your booking has benefits. You can extend the duration of trip cancellation insurance. If you purchase a policy for travel insurance three months in advance and are seriously injured one week prior to your trip, you may be able to file a claim.

You can also get additional coverage if you purchase cruise insurance in the first 2 weeks after making your deposit. This may include an “cancel at any time” travel insurance upgrade or a waiver for pre-existing conditions.

CFAR will reimburse you 50% to 75%, depending on the policy, of any non-refundable, forfeited trip costs. It is necessary to cancel your trip at least 48-hours before departure. CFAR will increase your travel insurance costs by approximately 50%.

Your travel insurer should let you change your dates if your plans change. If you add things to your itinerary (such as shore excursions) later, your insurance company may cover them.

How to Shop for the Best Cruise Insurance

It doesn’t matter if it is your first cruise or if you are a veteran of many, the right insurance for travel is essential. It’s especially important if you are a senior who needs a higher level of coverage for medical expenses while on the road.

You can start by looking at the coverage that you will likely need in your cruise insurance policy:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance will reimburse you for 100% of the non-refundable and pre-paid deposits you lost if you cancel your trip for an covered reason.

Travel Interruption Insurance

You can get reimbursed for any unused costs of your trip if you have to cancel it due to illness, accident, death or a family crisis at home. A trip interruption insurance will also cover the additional expenses of an interruption such as buying a last-minute one-way flight home. In the policy, the reason for interruption must be stated.

Travel Medical Insurance

It covers medical costs incurred due to illness or injury while traveling. Travel insurance policies with the highest coverage offer up to $500,000, however you may only need $150,000 for a cruise. Travel medical insurance is essential for seniors.

Medicare does not cover any medical treatment outside of the U.S. with very few exceptions.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

Travel insurance for medical evacuation will cover the cost of getting you to a medical facility that is closest to your location or to home, if medically necessary. The emergency assistance department of your travel insurance can help you arrange the medevac.

Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

If you purchase a travel insurance plan between two and three weeks following your initial trip deposit, you may be eligible for a waiver of pre-existing conditions. It is advantageous to purchase travel insurance soon after booking your trip. The waiver will cover medical costs related to any pre-existing condition that may flare up on your trip.

Travel Insurance “Cancel For Any Reason”

Cancelling for reasons not listed in your policy will not be covered unless you’ve already bought a CFAR Upgrade. If you cancel your trip at least 48-hours before departure, you will receive a reimbursement of 75%. It increases the cost of a policy by 50% on average.

You could, for example, make a claim under “cancel any reason”, if your concern is that you might be seasick. This reason would not normally fall within the scope of standard cancellation insurance. This coverage must be purchased within a few days of making your initial trip deposit, or else the window will close.

Travel Insurance for “Interruption of Travel, No Matter What”

If you’ve purchased travel insurance, then your trip can be cut short for reasons not listed. This type of coverage reimburses 75% to 80% of the trip cost. This coverage usually increases your insurance premium by 3% to 10%. Generally, you must purchase it between 15 and 20 days after making the first deposit on your trip. The benefits don’t start until a certain amount of time has passed, such as 48 or 72 hour.

Few travel insurance providers offer interruption coverage for “any reason”, such as Nationwide Travel Insurance, Seven Corners Travel Insured International, and WorldTrips.

Other types of travel insurance for cruises

The comprehensive plan includes benefits like insurance for travel delaysinsurance for baggage; and insurance in case of missed connections.

The top travel insurance plans provide high reimbursement levels and quick benefits when something goes wrong. Travel insurance agents can match your needs with the best travel insurance packages.

How Much Does Cruise Insurance Cost?

The average cost of cruise insurance is $410 per trip, based on Forbes Advisor’s analysis of rates for the 10 best cruise travel insurance plans.

Travel insurance company Top-scoring plan for cruise insurance Average cost per trip
Trawick International Safe Travels First Class $294
TravelSafe Insurance Classic $384
WorldTrips Atlas Journey Premier $387
Nationwide Cruise Luxury $393
AXA Assistance USA Platinum $409
Generali Global Assistance Premium $419
Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice $422
John Hancock Insurance Agency Gold $458
USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services Diamond $464
HTH Worldwide Trip Protector Preferred $469
Source: Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison provider. Average costs are based on rates for five different trips with a variety of traveler ages, without “cancel for any reason” coverage. Note that plans have different levels of benefits, which can account for price differences.


Forbes Advisor scored the top travel insurance on the basis of the factors below to find the best cruise coverage. Only travel insurance that covers cancellation, medical costs and missed connections are included.

Coverage for missing connections (up to 30 percent of the score): Plans that offer higher levels of reimbursement when a connection is missed scored more points.

Average Price (up to 25 percent of the score): To develop a travel insurance average, we analyzed quotes from travel insurers for different traveler profiles and travel costs. For common traveler types, we scored each policy’s average price for popular travel destinations like Italy and Mexico.

  • Couple, age 30 for Mexico trip costing $3,000
  • Couple aged 40 for Italy trip of $6,000
  • Families of four can travel to Italy for $15,000
  • Couple aged 65 for Italy trip that costs $6,000
  • Couple, age 70, for Mexico trip costing $3,000

Medical costs (up to 10 percent of the score): Travel insurance coverage was rated by its amount. The highest scores were awarded to travel insurance policies that provide coverage for medical expenses of up to $250,000 per person.

Medical evacuation (up to 10% of score): Emergency medical evacuation/transportation coverage was evaluated by coverage amount. The highest scores were awarded to travel insurance policies that provide medical evacuation benefits up to $500,000 per person.

Travel insurance with “cancel any time” (up to 10 percent of the score): Policy holders who offered a cancellation upgrade for “any reason” earned points. Most points were given to policies that reimburse 75% of the cost for cancelled trips.

Travel insurance for trip interruption (5% score): Scores are given when the reimbursement amount is 150% and higher.

Travel insurance with “Interruption For Any Reason”: (5% score): Points were awarded for policies that offered an upgrade for “Interruption For Any Reason”.

Waiver of exclusion for pre-existing conditions (5 % score): Scores are given to policies which cover medical conditions that were present at the time they were purchased.

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