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Top Commercial Auto Insurance Companies – July 2023

If you’re riding a car like a van, truck, or vehicle for your enterprise, you want commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Your private vehicle insurance policy doesn’t cover commercial enterprise-related injuries.

We looked at criticism information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for 28 large insurers to locate the fine business vehicle coverage organizations.

What Is Commercial Car Insurance?

When you pressure an automobile, truck, or van for enterprise functions, you’ll need to financially shield that automobile with business automobile coverage. Your non-public car coverage isn’t enough and won’t cover the automobile if you (or an employee) get into a twist of fate whilst driving for business.

Commercial automobile insurance can cover the whole thing from employer vehicles to food vans to shipping vans.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Here’s a look at the styles of coverage to be had with industrial vehicle coverage:

  • Property damage liability will pay for damages to some other man or woman’s assets, which includes their automobile, when you are at fault in a coincidence.
  • Bodily harm legal responsibility will pay for the accidents you cause any other man or woman when you’re liable for a coincidence.
  • Combined unmarried limit (CSL) offers one limit for property harm claims and bodily harm claims.
  • Collision coverage pays for harm on your commercial enterprise vehicle while it hits another vehicle or an item, along with a pole.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for damage because of climate, fire, falling items (together with tree branches), and different problems. It additionally covers vehicle robbery.
  • Medical bills and private damage protection (PIP) pay for the value of scientific care for you and your passengers, irrespective of who becomes at fault.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance can pay for your and your passengers’ injuries in case your vehicle is struck by an uninsured driver.

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you are using a vehicle for business functions, you may want industrial auto coverage. Your private automobile coverage coverage doesn’t pay a declaration if you get into a coincidence even as driving your automobile for paintings.

Here are some examples whilst you need a commercial vehicle coverage policy:

  • The car is solely used for paintings (for instance, an agency automobile).
  • You transport goods or people to your car.
  • You deliver tools or equipment for your vehicle.
  • Your employees power your business car.
  • The vehicle is owned using the employer.
  • You conduct a commercial enterprise provider along with your car.

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What Is Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

If you’ve got a business vehicle that you hire or a personal automobile that you from time to time use for enterprise-related work, the car won’t be covered using a business automobile coverage. But you may find coverage with “hired and non-owned automobile coverage.”

Let’s say you’re riding your non-public car to a commercial enterprise meeting and get into a car spoil. You’re at fault for the coincidence, and the other motive force decides to sue your commercial enterprise. Hired and non-owned automobile insurance could help cover these felony expenses.

Factors in Business Auto Insurance Cost

Here’s an observation of the pricing factors for business auto insurance.

  • Company commercial enterprise. The form of business you run influences the commercial vehicle coverage fees that you’ll pay. If you in particular paint at your office, you’ll pay much less than a person who consists of tools and systems in a piece van and makes client calls all day.
  • Vehicle. The type and length of the corporation automobile influence the coverage rate.
  • Driving records. Drivers with excellent user records are rewarded with higher costs.
  • Location. If you work in a larger town, assume to pay more for your industrial car coverage than a commercial enterprise that operates in a small city. Drivers in regions with low accident frequency and few vehicle thefts pay less.
  • Mileage. How a great deal you normally drive a commercial automobile impacts prices.
  • Coverage choices. Your insurance choices and insurance limits impact your charge.

Do You Need Rideshare Insurance?

If you’re a driver for Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare carrier, you can wish to get additional insurance protection with rideshare insurance. Relying on personal vehicle coverage and the rideshare enterprise’s coverage can leave an insurance hole.

For instance, there is an opening in insurance insurance when a motive force has the rideshare corporation’s app on but is still looking forward to a passenger request. The driver won’t be included by using complete and collision coverage from either their private auto coverage or the coverage presented via the rideshare business enterprise’s coverage. Getting rideshare coverage fills this hole in insurance.


We evaluated 28 corporations based on business automobile coverage proceedings made to country regulators in 2021, using facts from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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