2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment
2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment

2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment

Types of Life Insurance Sold by Principal

Principal time period life coverage

Principal offers 4 types of time period lifestyles coverage: time period life for people and businesses and assured difficulty term existence, organization term lifestyles, and voluntary term lifestyles for groups. The 2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of coverage options and financial protection for individuals and families.


Principal Term is targeted toward people and companies. It is obtainable in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-12 months phrases with a $2 hundred,000 minimum. Depending on the time period duration selected and fitness classification, issue a while for this policy variety from 20 to 80.

The principal gives guaranteed trouble time period lifestyles insurance, called Guaranteed Issue Term II, that enterprise proprietors can use for themselves and key personnel. Coverage up to $5 million in line with policy is available, with degree charges for 10 or 20 years.

Some organization lifestyle coverage guidelines from Principal include access to a few beneficial benefits, which encompass a will and criminal file center, an emotional fitness support line, and an identification theft safety package.

The principal also gives organization term lifestyle coverage that you may provide to your personnel. You can choose to pay all, part, or none of the organization’s lifestyle insurance premiums to your personnel, depending on your business price range. Additionally, you may offer Principal’s voluntary time period lifestyles, which allows employees to boom their coverage at their prices and/or add life insurance for his or her dependents..The 2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of coverage options and financial protection for individuals and families.”

Principal’s regular existence coverage

Universal lifestyles coverage might be a terrific fit for you in case you’re seeking out lifelong insurance. When you have a policy that builds coins price, you may withdraw or take loans from the coins cost for any cause.

Principal Universal Life Flex III offers flexible loss of life blessings and rates, and the capacity for coins price accumulation. The loss of life gain is offered in three methods:

  • Face amount via itself
  • Face quantity plus coin value
  • Face quantity plus rates paid, minus loans and partial surrenders

You can withdraw or borrow towards the coin value you accumulate.

Coverage amounts vary from $100,000 and up for agencies and from $25,000 and up for man or woman customers. People ages zero to 85 may additionally observe. Those who qualify can get a Universal Life Index III policy without a lifestyle coverage scientific exam.

Principal Universal Life Flex III gives a guaranteed minimal annual price of 1% for coin price accumulation.

Principal also offers Universal Life Provider Edge II for humans ages 20 to 85. It has a minimum loss of life benefit of $one hundred,000. Those who qualify can get a Provider Edge II policy without a lifestyle coverage scientific exam.

Principal also sells the Principal Survivorship Universal Life Provider policy. It covers human beings beneath one coverage and will pay the loss of life advantage when both people have passed away.

It’s best for those with legacy or estate planning needs, or for transitioning a commercial enterprise whilst a business proprietor has died. A large bonus: One applicant for the Survivorship Universal Life

Provider coverage can be an uninsurable danger. That means the survivorship coverage may be a vehicle for presenting lifestyle coverage to a person who may additionally in any other case not be able to buy coverage due to health problems.

Other key features of Principal’s survivorship life insurance encompass:

  • Optional extended no-lapse assure means locked-in coverage to the age of 100 for the youngest man or woman on the coverage.
  • The survivor can faucet into the dying advantage if identified with a persistent or terminal infection.
  • Available for term conversions.

Principal’s indexed established existence insurance

Indexed common existence insurance may be worth considering in case you’re seeking out the capability to develop cash fees primarily based on an index, like an S&P 500 index. These guidelines also frequently have the power to differ premiums and demise benefits. Be certain to review the participation caps and costs so that you’re completely aware of how the policy works.

Principal Indexed Universal Life Flex II is for human beings ages 20 to 85 and gives a minimum demise benefit of $ hundred,000. It offers you a bendy top class with death benefit protection in 3 alternatives: constant, growing (primarily based on coin value), and return of top class.

The Indexed Universal Life Flex II permits you to develop coins fees primarily based on the S&P 500 Price Return Index or the S&P 500 Total Return Index. Or pick a fixed-rate account. The coverage’s coins fee has a 0% increase ground and an increase cap by no means less than 3%.

Principal additionally offers any other indexed well-known life insurance product: the Indexed Accumulation II.

Principal’s variable normal life insurance

Variable lifestyle insurance is not a “set it and forget about it” kind of coverage. Variable life coverage may be an attractive choice for those with lengthy-time period insurance, funding, and tax-making plans needs, and who are also snug having a lively function in identifying funding options.

You can take withdrawals or loans from the cash cost the policy accumulates, however, the policy can lapse if the cash fee amount is too low to cover the expenses that are charged every month via the coverage employer.

The price of the coins fee portion of a variable existence insurance coverage is based totally on rates paid, expenses, and prices charged by using the coverage employer, the overall performance of the investments, and loans and withdrawals taken.

Principal sells two variable regular existence insurance products—Executive VUL III and VUL Income IV. Both are designed to accumulate coin cost based on marketplace overall performance. There isn’t any limit to profits or losses, and because of this there’s the ability for a bigger increase as compared to different forms of regular lifestyle coverage, however, there’s additionally a better chance.

Executive VUL III is designed especially for enterprise owners and has a minimal death benefit of $a hundred,000..The 2023 Principal Life Insurance Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of coverage options and financial protection for individuals and families.”

VUL Income IV has a minimal death advantage of $one hundred,000 and certified candidates can get coverage within 24 hours without a clinical exam. If none of those alternatives fit your needs, bear in mind taking a study Forbes Advisor’s listing of nice existence coverage organizations.

Other Types of Insurance Sold by Principal

Group coincidence coverage

Group accident coverage from Principal may be introduced to a blessings package deal and will pay an up-the front, lump-sum benefit to personnel who’re injured in an twist of fate that’s protected with the aid of the policy.

Group unintended dying and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage

Business proprietors can upload Principal’s AD&D coverage to their organization life coverage blessings package.

Group essential illness coverage

Principal’s critical illness insurance is some other providing that business owners can upload to organization existence insurance selections for personnel. It will pay out a lump-sum advantage if an employee is identified with a qualifying important illness.

Pros Explained

  • Multiple everlasting insurance options to select from: Principal offers three classes of everlasting insurance to pick out from: common lifestylesindexed time-honored lifestyles, and variable everyday existence.
  • Multiple time period conversion alternatives: All time period existence rules provided by way of Principal allow for term conversion. Options consist of full-term conversion and partial time period conversion in which a part of the coverage is converted at the same time as the remainder is stored as term coverage, developing separate guidelines.
  • Many riders to choose from: Though no longer supplied on each sort of coverage or to every problem age, Principal has several life coverage policy riders to pick from. These consist of an multiplied demise benefit, waiver of top rate, and a value of living increase rider.

Cons Explained

  • Whole life rules no longer provided: Principal only gives term and typical life coverage coverage. Whole life guidelines are not available.

Available Plans

At Principal, you may choose among time period existence coverage and loads of specific standard lifestyles guidelines. Here’s a have a look at the alternatives you’ll have.

Term Life

Principal gives term life insurance in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-12 months terms with insurance beginning as little as $2 hundred,000. Issue a long time on term rules range from 20 to eighty, relying at the term selected and whether or not the applicant is a tobacco consumer.

Available riders consist of multiplied benefits, child term, conversion extension, and waiver of top rate. All term guidelines are also given standard policy conversion privileges, allowing policyholders to convert their time period insurance to permanent, widespread lifestyles coverage.

One-Year Term

This affords a face value among $200,000 and $five million. Principal’s one-year time period (OYT) coverage gives twelve months of brief life insurance safety. Issue a long time variety from 20 to ninety nine, though the coverage is non-renewable and there aren’t any rider options available.

Universal Life Flex III (UL Flex III)

Available from ages zero to 85, Principal’s Universal Life Flex III policy offers flexible long-term protection thru age 121. Coverage options begin at $25,000 and cross as much as $1 million or greater for a few candidates with flexible rates.

Universal Life Flex III accumulates coins price at a assured hobby fee, assisting you prepare for the future. It lets in for policy loans and partial surrenders and additionally helps you to select between three one-of-a-kind loss of life gain alternatives. It also allows policyholders to request face amount increases each time inside the first yr, or face quantity decreases in years two via five.

Indexed Universal Life Accumulation II (IUL Accumulation II)

With face values starting at $50,000, the Principal Indexed Universal Life Accumulation II policy offers everlasting insurance for ages 20 to eighty five. The coverage’s fee earns interest based totally on underlying inventory marketplace indices, with a baseline price of 0%. This approach your listed coins cost can’t lose money, no matter how poorly the market performs in a given year.

There are 3 death benefit alternatives (DBOs) to choose from with this coverage. DBOs encompass:

  • Option 1: Policy face quantity
  • Option 2: Policy face quantity plus the accumulated cash value
  • Option 3: Policy face quantity plus cumulative premiums paid minus surrenders

There are 8 one-of-a-kind rider options to pick from with IUL Accumulation II insurance. The coverage additionally presents a 10-12 months no-lapse guarantee and the capability to take out coverage loans if wished.

Indexed Universal Life Flex II (IUL Flex II)

The Principal Indexed Universal Life Flex II plan (or IUL Flex II) is to be had to applicants among the a while of 20 and 85, for as little as $one hundred,000 in insurance. This coverage allows you to invest your policy’s cash price for further boom over the years, primarily based on the performance of an underlying inventory marketplace index. Though this coverage is based at the stock market for growth, hobby-primarily based returns will never drop under zero%–even if the marketplace is performing poorly.

The IUL Flex II policy permits for partial surrender, gives fixed policy loans, offers a ten-12 months no-lapse guarantee, and offers three death benefit options (DBOs) to pick out from.

Variable Universal Life Income IV (VUL Income IV)

With Variable Universal Life Income IV (VUL Income IV) insurance, policyholders can revel in a stable dying advantage at the side of the potential to develop that policy’s fee through the years through goal-risk or goal-date investments. It’s provided for trouble from a while zero through eighty five with a policy face fee starting at $100,000.

Policyholders can choose from 3 extraordinary demise benefit options (DBOs) and upload similarly safety through 10 non-obligatory riders. DBO options consist of:

  • Option 1: Policy face quantity
  • Option 2: Policy face amount plus the collected coins fee
  • Option three: Policy face quantity plus cumulative charges paid minus surrenders

There’s additionally no penalty for chickening out price range earlier than age 59½, nor are there earnings-based totally investment limits with this policy. While it’s far greater aggressive—and hence riskier—than the alternative well-known regulations right here, it does permit for even greater growth within the proper market.

 Principal’s policy options are a bit constrained: Only 4 time period policy lengths are presented, and permanent insurance is restrained to conventional lifestyles guidelines. Whole existence insurance isn’t always an option right now.

Available Riders

Life insurance riders provide extra blessings and coverage alternatives to sure policyholders. Some of these riders are blanketed robotically while others will want to be brought to your Principal existence coverage. Additionally, it’s essential to word that riders may be restricted to sure policy kinds, locations, or maybe trouble a long time.

Accelerated Benefits

If the insured policyholder is recognized with a terminal infection, he or she will pull from the life coverage coverage’s death benefit to cover medical or private prices. Accelerated benefits are limited to the lesser of seventy five% of the policy’s face price or $1 million with a minimal payout of $500.

Principal considers increased advantages to be a lien towards the policy, so the withdrawal will accrue hobby. When the insured passes away, their beneficiaries will receive the policy’s fee minus any withdrawn accelerated benefit, plus interest. There is also a one-time administrative fee of up to $a hundred and fifty to get right of entry to this advantage.

Waiver of Premium

If you’re disabled for 6 months or extra, this rider allows you to hold your existence coverage policy lively and in exact status by using waiving your monthly premiums. The rider expires at age 65 unless you’re already making use of the gain, wherein case charges will stay waived thru age ninety five or till your coverage term ends, whichever comes first.

Cost of Living Increase

With this rider, you can choose to growth your life insurance coverage each 3 years through age 55. Doing so permits you to preserve up with inflation and ensure that your coverage is usually enough to cover your dwelling fees, even a long time once you’ve bought it.

Children Term Insurance Rider

This rider permits you to add time period insurance to your eligible youngsters onto an present existence coverage coverage. It covers children as young as 14 days old, presenting a death advantage between $5,000 and $25,000. Coverage additionally can be converted into a everlasting policy up to the kid’s 25th birthday.

Conversion Extension Rider

The conversion extension rider may be brought at the time of coverage issue and offers the insured an prolonged time period to convert their term lifestyles insurance coverage into everlasting coverage. There is an additional fee to add this rider, and its insurance ends at age 70 or when the policy expires, whichever comes first.

Chronic Illness Death Benefit Advance Rider

If you’re recognized with a chronic illness, this rider offers the insured get admission to to as much as seventy five% in their coverage’s fee or $2 million (whichever is less). It’s not to be had in all states, however there’s no additional fee for this rider on rules where it’s provided.

Customer Service

Principal existence coverage policyholders have some options with regards to coping with their life insurance coverage.

If you’d favor to reach a actual character along with your trendy questions, representatives are available. The range to name is 800-986-3343. Principal policyholders also can set up a private account through the employer’s on line portal, at fundamental.Com.

You also can ship your request through the corporation’s on line touch shape. Yet any other option is to seek advice from their help FAQs.

Complaint Index

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks proceedings and helps purchasers apprehend if they may be taking place greater or less often than expected.

This grievance index is adjusted in line with the business enterprise’s marketplace proportion so the baseline is usually 1.00. If a company receives extra lawsuits than predicted, it’ll have a complaint index higher than 1.00; receiving fewer lawsuits than anticipated will instead earn them an index underneath 1.00.

According to information supplied via the NAIC, Principal plays better than anticipated in phrases of its complaint index. In 2022, the insurer’s complaint index changed into 0.20, an development over 2021, at 0.26.three

Third-Party Ratings

Ratings from depended-on third-birthday party platforms can help clients get an impartial idea of a agency’s electricity and performance.

According to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Life Insurance Study, Principal was ranked twelfth among 21 indexed corporations.four

When it involves financial stability scores, Principal has acquired an A+ (Superior) score from AM Best. This is the second one-maximum score feasible and indicates a strong outlook for the insurer.five

Cancellation Policy

If you make a decision that a Principal existence coverage policy isn’t proper for you when you’ve purchased it, there are some routes you can take to cancel.

When it comes to term rules, there’s no collected cash value, and the coverage isn’t meant to be permanent. If you want to cancel, it’s as easy as filing a request for such. Your policy additionally may be canceled via failing to pay month-to-month premiums as scheduled.

Things are a chunk greater difficult when it comes to canceling a permanent policy. With Principal, all typical existence guidelines incur a give up rate if the coverage is terminated early. This price—which varies in keeping with the policy type and how some distance along into the coverage termination happens—may have a enormous impact on the cash surrender price.

Principal does offer a 61-day grace period on ordinary life guidelines earlier than give up expenses occur. If scheduled payments are not made prior to the 62nd day, insurance is terminated and any applicable surrender expenses are carried out.


When calculating the value of your lifestyles coverage insurance, an insurer will take many various factors into consideration. These encompass the type of policy chosen, the amount of coverage introduced, in addition to your:

  • Age
  • Gender*
  • Health
  • Personal and own family scientific history

*Non-binary candidates will commonly find that insurers base premiums on their assigned beginning gender. Being non-binary will no longer at once affect your rates or save you you from shopping insurance. Through Principal, you may request unisex existence coverage fees similarly to traditional, gender-wonderful charges.

Principal does provide an online term lifestyles quote calculator tool, which permit you to determine how an awful lot insurance to shop for and what it’ll price.


Before choosing a existence insurance organisation, it is able to be helpful to realize how they degree up in opposition to the competition. This allows you to examine apples to apples and gauge whether or not you’re choosing the right policy for you, at the proper fee.

To this end, we’ve compared Principal lifestyles coverage towards Banner Life, an insurer with a similar marketplace percentage and rankings.

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